Doll Artist Aya Kodama

About me

I’m so sensitive and introvertive. Since I was ashamed of my personality, I had been hiding my true self. I was always obsessing myself worrying about having common sense, being cooperative and well-mannered… Pretending to be extroverted and being sensitive to various things made me exhausted, and I depreciated myself who couldn’t do what ordinary people can. It was like torture to live while feeling suffocated because nobody understood me.

One day, I found a book that taught me about people like me at a bookstore. It told me about sensory processing sensitivity. It’s an inborn and incurable personality. This fact made me give up for dealing with it forever and feel relieved because this characteristic is not abnormal.

A creative activity requires facing yourself, and it’s an essential act for me. Skulltta Chan was born while I was facing and accepting myself little by little. I was so happy when I brought her to completion. The girl who was imperfect, ungainly, queer and also likeable was exactly like me.

I saw a person that picked her up and said, “She is cute” and took her to her home at an exhibition. I couldn’t believe it and tears of joy were almost spill from my eyes because I felt my existence was recognized. I can’t forget that great pleasure.

Skulltta Chan’s birth eventually let me accept myself. I started to feel real joy and happiness, and think a life is fun from the bottom of my heart since then.

Skulltta Chan has a message:
“It’s fine to be queer. Accept yourself.”

Regardless of gender, race and nationality, everyone gets older and dies. A life is short. There is no time to unnecessarily blame myself. I should avoid other people’s values and accept and value myself more than anyone. I believe that you can thank other people and socialize with them with love if you love yourself and feel happy.

What I can do is only creative activity. I feel pleasure happy at my artworks expressing my feelings and entertaining people with joy.

I have a beloved partner. He is a sympathetic supporter of this difficult woman. I thank him for staying with me.