Doll Artist Aya Kodama

Doll Artist Aya Kodama

I studied how to make bisque dolls by myself and started to make them in 2007. It takes several months to complete one doll from scratch. First, I have to make a body with stone powder clay and make a plaster cast. Then, cast the porcelain slip in the mold and heat it in a kiln without ceramic glaze, and then I have to give it a glaze when it reaches 1200℃ to make it a bisque. Once it becomes a bisque, repeat china-painting and heating it up many times. Finally, assemble the bisque parts and dress the doll to complete it. Bisque doll making requires a lot of time and effort, but bisque is an attractive material for me. I’d love to represent various things with it.

Born in Chiba
1999 Started to make antique reproduction bisque dolls
2006 Certified Master of Doll Making by US.D.A.G
2007 Started to create original bisque dolls by self-study
2012 Studied under Harue Fujinawa, the first student of the leading nunobana maker Rui Yamagami
2018 Started a creative activity under the name of Uncreer

Group Exhibitions
2010 Koyaala Fes #02, Jiyucho Gallery, Koenji, Tokyo
2011 Art of the Dolls, Moscow, Russia
2011 Wachtanoff Gallery, Russia
2011 Gallery Belyaevo, Russia
2012 Kamisamatachi tono Fukoten Exhibition, Nagano
2012 Kamogawa Antique Hotel La Mirador
2012 2012 Nen no Ningyoten Exhibition, Gallery of Printemps Ginza, Tokyo
2013 Nunobana exhibition ~Harue Fujinawa to Sono Group~
2014 AVANT☆GALZ Exhibition, Gallery of Maruzen Marunouchi, Tokyo
2015 Spring Doll Festival, Munster, Germany (Apr. 25 – 26)
2018 Karennaru Ningyotati tono Deai, Time Roman, Kobe, Hyogo
2018 FANTANIMA! 2018, Gallery of Maruzen Marunouchi, Tokyo
2018 MISOROGI Ningyoten, Gallery of Maruzen Marunouchi, Tokyo
2019 Natsu no Hi no Otometachi, Dols Ballad, Itabashi, Tokyo
2019 9sense ARTS vol.9, Y’s ARTS OLGA Studio, Okuno Bld., Ginza, Tokyo
2019 Omekashi Ohirome Sakuhinten, Time Roman, Kobe, Hyogo

2000 US.D.A.G (Doll Artisan Guild) Blue Ribbon Winner (French Reproduction category), FL
2001 US.D.A.G Rosette Winner (French Reproduction category), NY
2003 US.D.A.G Rosette Winner (All Bisque category), NY
2006 US.D.A.G Blue Ribbon Winner (French Reproduction category), FL
2008 Doll Art Exhibition & Concours Winner, Japan
2018 Belladonna Art Exhibition Winner, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan